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Texas Motor Speedway

Sponsorships and Partners

Supercharge your company’s marketing results by becoming an Event Title Sponsor or Official Partner at Texas Motor Speedway!

Sponsorships have proven to be the most cost-effective approach to delivering brand impressions while still delivering a high return on investment.  From race entitlements that reach a national audience, to grass roots sponsorship opportunities targeted to a select group, Texas Motor Speedway has a wide variety of offerings that can be tailored to fit your company’s marketing strategies and goals.

Official Partner programs utilize much of the same inventory and strategic approach as event sponsorships, but are sold and activated on an annual basis.  Texas Motor Speedway’s official partner programs can be customized to achieve your goals and are structured in a way that protects your company from the ambush marketing techniques from competitors.  Texas Motor Speedway official partners have experienced great success and a high return on investment by utilizing the Official Partner program.

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